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MA-4163-00  ::  AN/PRC-163 Mission Extender

BDATech's AN/PRC-163 Mission Extender is the solution for operators that only need connectivity from an EUD to an AN/PRC-163 radio.  The Mission Extender is designed to be paired with a BDATech Radio Power Wedge that allows for the use of a larger capacity battery, extending the operating time of the radio when compared to using the standard hand held radio battery.  Before attaching to the radio, either the RED or BLACK USB interface can be selected by the user with a sealed switch.  When the KDU data leg is attached to the ADF port on the radio (using a L3Harris ADF adapter cable) the BDATech KDU application can be run on the EUD to operate the radio.  The hand held battery attached to the Radio Power Wedge can power the system allowing for the ability to hot swap the main battery.

MA-4163-00 :: AN/PRC-163 Mission Extender


    • Selectable RED or BLACK USB
    • Extend radio run time
    • KDU connection for use with BDATech KDU
    • Hot swap of main battery
    Please contact your local BDATech Sales Representative at to make a Demo Request.
    Please use the Quote Request Form, located on the BDATech Contact page, for all product quotes and one of our sales associates will get back to you soon.

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