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CB-0566-00  ::  ULTRA SLIM AN/PRC-152/A Cable

The Ultra Slim AN/PRC-152/A Cable connects a Harris AN/PRC-152/A to the APEx 4-Port Hub System, Assaulter 2-Port Hub System, or into any BDATech peripheral receptacle.  The Ultra Slim AN/PRC-152/A Cable provides POWER + DATA, and can also be used to power the APEx 4-Port Hub or Assaulter 2-Port Hub Systems without the se of a central battery.  The Ultra Slim AN/PRC-152/A Cable is not compatible with the BDATech Radio Power Wedge (MA-0122-00) and will not power or recharge the AN/PRC-152/A radio [DATA only in, POWER + DATA out].

CB-0566-00 :: ULTRA SLIM AN/PRC-152/A Cable

    • Provides USB 2.0 connectivity to the AN/PRC-152/A radio
    • Remote KDU support
    • Ultra slim side connect allows easy stowing in radio pouch
    • Supports hot swap of main battery with a handheld battery attached to the radio
    Please contact your local BDATech Sales Representative at to make a Demo Request.
    Please use the Quote Request Form, located on the BDATech Contact page, for all product quotes and one of our sales associates will get back to you soon.

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