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CB-0488-00  :: GETAC MX50 EUD Dock Cable

BDATech’s MX50 EUD Dock Cable connects the Getac MX50 Tablet to the APEx 4-Port Hub System, Assaulter 2-Port Hub System, or Bare Kit 1-Port Hub System. The MX50 EUD Dock Cable provides POWER + DATA through a USB 3.1 interface as well as bi-directional power to USB peripherals. 


* Please contact BDATech for custom cable lengths or cable length recommendations to meet your mission needs.

CB-0488-00 :: GETAC MX50 EUD Dock Cable

    • Recharge the Getac MX50 Tablet from the main system battery 

    • Supports Bi-Directional Power & System Battery Eliminator Mode 

    • Low profile design does not interfere with chest mount operations 

      * While in System Battery Eliminator Mode peripherals such as the PRC-152, PRC-148 & TAC-ROVER must be powered by their own battery. Wedge, trickle charging, & peripheral battery eliminator mode is not available. 

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