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CB-0327-00  ::  End User Device (EUD) Extension Cable

The End User Device (EUD) Extension Cable connects an EUD cable of choice to the APEx 4-Port Hub System, Assaulter 2-Port Hub System, or the Bare Kit 1-Port Hub System giving the user the ability to extend an EUD by 34 Inches (83.36 cm). The EUD Extension Cable supports the full functionality of any BDATech USB 3.1 EUD cable connected to it. 


* Please contact BDATech for custom cable lengths or cable length recommendations to meet your mission needs.

CB-0327-00 :: End User Device (EUD) Extension Cable

    • Provides an additional 34 Inches / 86.36 cm to your EUD Cable

    • Beneficial for vehicle and assault pack configurations

    • Provides POWER + DATA

    Please contact your local BDATech Sales Representative at to make a Demo Request.
    Please use the Quote Request Form, located on the BDATech Contact page, for all product quotes and one of our sales associates will get back to you soon.

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