About BDATech

Black Diamond Advanced Technology (BDATech) is a small business headquartered in Chandler, AZ and a demonstrated leader in the tactical computing and communication systems industry. Our focus is on the Dismounted Operator and providing them with innovative, trusted technology to ensure mission success. We specialize in creating customized hub systems that are engineered to withstand any environment and control a variety of missions. Because when it matters most you want something Built. Tested. Proven.  

BDATech has a long history of providing the dismounted Operator with technology to ensure mission success in the rugged conditions and extreme environments in which they must operate. Our products enable and enhance real and virtual lifelines by integrating with existing fielded equipment to maximize the performance and capabilities of the organic tools the Operator has today.

Our Customers, Our Focus.

We are dedicated to building only the best products and pride ourselves in providing the utmost protection to brave men and women. We believe innovation comes from the lab as well as the field. Take it from our customers in the field who know first-hand what it takes to get the job done.

“The most succinct fires kit on the market. Highly recommended!”
-US SOF Operator

“MTS is unlike any other system that I have used – when using the system in the field it responds so quickly when I need it the most.”
-US SOF Operator

“Relying on my equipment is what brings me confidence. Relying on the Modular Tactical System, has allowed me to feel secure in combat.”
-USMC Sniper

“The Black Diamond Tactical Controller is completely integrated into the vest. It’s there when I need it, and out of the way when I don’t.”

“First kit I would call a complete game changer.”
-US SOF Operator