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Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC. headquartered in Chandler, AZ, is a Veteran-Owned small business. We are a demonstrated and recognized leader in tactical computing and communications systems focusing on the dismounted Operator. Our products enable and enhance real and virtual lifelines by integrating with existing fielded equipment to maximize the performance and capabilities of the organic tools the Operator has today.



Its your mission, make sure its your gear.
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From specialized engineering to custom software, BDAT has you covered with the people who know it best.



We're a Veteran-Owned Small
Business and proud of it!

Let Black Diamond Build a System For You

Black Diamond Advanced Technology has a long history of providing the dismounted Operator with technology to ensure mission success in the rugged conditions and extreme environments in which they must operate. Don’t fall short with useless technology, let BDAT build the future for you.

Feature Applications

The right application is a major part of the magic in mission success. From Counter Insurgency Operations in a small village in Afghanistan or future Major Combat Operations (MCO) against near peers in a chaotic battlefield packed with air threats in a denied environment – we have the system designed to handle your application.