Radio Power Wedge

  • Remove the battery from the bottom of the radio.
  • Install the Wedge to the bottom of the radio. It uses the same interface as the stock battery. You can reinstall the battery to the bottom of the Wedge, or leave the battery off for use in battery-elimination mode. Note you must first remove the plastic cover on the bottom of the Wedge to install the battery. If the battery is not used on the Wedge, make sure the plastic cover is in place on the bottom of the Wedge.
  • Install the Radio Wedge Side-Connect Cable. The bottom of the side-connect will slide into the slot created by two flanges on the side of the Wedge. Then secure the side-connect by fastening the thumb-screw.

  • Battery eliminator mode works by removing the need for individual radio batteries and any spare batteries that might be carried. When using the Radio Power Wedge on the bottom of a PRC-148 or PRC-152 radio both the APEx and MTS systems allow for each radio to be powered from a single battery source, eliminating the need for an attached radio battery. This also reduces the height of the radio, and when positioned at the front right or front left of the body, this leaves extra room for shouldering a weapon.
  • Battery eliminator mode also allows the user to turn the attached radio ON and OFF using the MTS StatCon utility without the need to manually rotate the radio power knob. This is particularly useful when using a radio in data-only modes since the radio can be turned OFF remotely, when not in use, to save system power and extend MTS battery life.

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