FAC – Message Emulator

FAC-US includes two elements: FAC-Utility and FAC-Message Emulator. These two software applications are designed to work in concert together to create both the ground-node and air-node of a typical FAC point-to-point network. FAC-Message Emulator allows the user to simulate the precise aircraft messages required for digital close air support using VMF or SADL networks over tactical radios that dismounted operators typically use. For example, using two Black Diamond Advanced Technology kits; one running FAC-Utility and another running FAC-Message Emulator, JTAC and trainer can accomplish closed-loop training and mission rehearsals without the need for live aircraft.

FAC-Message Emulator allows for easy, low-cost, high-yield JTAC training prior to going to the range under live aircraft. This type of training develops inexperienced JTACs in the field without using valuable and expensive flight hours. Junior JTACs consistently make basic mistakes on the range, from improper radio calls to poor “Talk Ons”. FAC-Message Emulator allows the JTAC-Instructor to run through a mission more accurately in a field setting as opposed to strictly classroom curriculum, yielding greater results. FAC-Message Emulator represents a significant return on investment by maximizing the use of live aircraft as efficiently as possible by ensuring that JTACs are trained on DACAS before the aircraft leaves the runway. Once under live aircraft, more calls can be conducted in a timely manner, increasing currency training per flight hour and sharpening skill sets. Furthermore, a JTAC can rehearse real-world missions and war game using FAC-Message Emulator. FAC-Message Emulator is a tool that can be used for training, tactics development, war gaming, mission rehearsals, simulation, and more.

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