Agile Port Expander [APEx]

The Agile Port Expander [APEx] allows connection to virtually any peripheral. The list of plug-n-play, off-the-shelf cables is growing quickly; please check back often or contact us if you don’t see your gear in this list.
• Tactical Radios (PRC-152, PRC-152A, PRC-148, PRC-117F, PRC-117G, RT-1922 Microlight)
• Mesh Radios (Wave Relay MPU4, etc.)
• Video Down Link Transceivers (TacROVER-p, TacROVER-e, Tactical Network ROVER [TNR], RF-7800T, Digital Strikehawk)
• Global Positioning System receivers (Commercial and SAASM)
• Targeting Devices (PLRF 15C/25C, etc.)
• Unmanned Control Systems
• Industry Standard Ports (USB, Serial, Ethernet, VGA, etc.)

Failure to receive power is generally caused by one of three causes.
• The power cable is not connected
• The portable power source is not properly charged
• The power port or the cable has been damaged.

Failure to recognize a device is generally caused by one of a few causes.
• The device cable is not connected properly or is damaged
• The connected device is not powered
• The connected device is not configured to work with an external device
• Port damage.

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