You can’t choose your mission, but you can choose your gear. Modeled after Black Diamond’s Modular Tactical System, the APEx 4-Port Hub enables communications from tactical data radios and peripherals to commercial tablets and computers. Command and control from a single solution means enhanced situational awareness.






Battery Elimination

Using Radio Power Wedge in battery eliminator mode reduces the weight of the entire system by removing the need for the radio battery. It also reduces the height of the radio, and when positioned at the front right or front left of the body, leaves extra room for shouldering a weapon.



Peripheral Devices

The APEx 4-Port Hub also allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple voice, data, video and peripheral devices, and their unique interfaces, back to a Windows or Android based computing device, using a single 3.0 USB Interface. Command and control from a single, simplified solution means enhanced situational awareness.





APEx + Software

Our software package designed exclusively for the APEx 4‐Port and Assaulter 2‐Port Hub Systems allows the Operator to easily view, control, and manipulate peripherals from the tip of their finger.




The APEx 4-Port hub system can be configured to meet your individual needs and mission sets. With the ability to have up to 4 directly connected peripheral devices, the configuration setups are endless. Please contact sales@bdatech.com to start working on the best solution for your needs.
*Standard JTAC Setup

System Power


  • 12-35 VDC
  • AC Adapter Cable
  • Vehicle Adapter Cable

Battery Cable Options

  • LI-80/LI-145
  • Palladium Conformal WB
  • BA-5590/2590
  • BB-2590 Charger



APEx Interfaces

4 Universal Peripheral Ports (USB 2.0/3.0, Power)
1 End User Device
1 System Power Input Port



Bundle Software

  • Windows OS
  • APEx Status and Configuration Tool (ApeCon)




  • -22 to 131˚F [-30 to +55˚C]
  • -40 to 167˚F [-40 to +75˚C]
  • 48-Inch, MIL-STD-810G Table 516.6-VI
  • IP-65 for Tablet, IP-67 for remaining system elements
  • Low Temperature – Cold Boot, Low Temperature – Storage, High Temperature, Immersion, Altitude, Drop Shock, Vibration, Dust, Sand
  • RE102, CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RS103


  • AN/PRC-117G
  • AN/PRC-152/152A
  • AN/PRC-154 Rifleman
  • RT-1922
  • RF-7800S-TR
  • WaveRelay MPU4
  • Scan Eagle Freewave
  • AeroVironment UAS Datalink
  • Custom Options Available


Tactical Nylon

Please contact sales@Bdatech.com” for more information and pricing

BDATech has developed tactical accessories to help meet the needs of the individual operator and help create a comfortable, customized set up.


Assault Packs

BDATech also offers an assault pack solution for customers who prefer not to use BDATech products as a wearable system. This solution allows hardware to be mounted on the external face of the pack with features to route cables to peripherals mounted on or inside the pack.


BDATech offers custom pouch solutions, as well as a universal radio pouch designed to fit a variety of radios. Contact us for more details.