It’s a Complete System

The Assaulter 2-Port Hub enables communications from tactical data radios and peripherals to commercial tablets, phones, and computers. Command and control from a single solution means enhanced situational awareness. The Assaulter 2-Port Hub is fully compatible with the APEx 4-Port Hub’s cables, allowing for scalability for your mission.




One System, Many Missions

The Assaulter 2-Port Hub can be for many missions. From a dismounted soldier using the kit for Situational Awareness (SA), to a search and rescue crew using it for SA and Video Downlink during a disaster, the Assaulter Kit does it all.




Flexible Power Management Solution

The Assaulter 2-Port Hub is designed for multiple mission sets that demand a flexible communication platform and power management solution. Depending on the system battery used, the Assaulter 2-Port Hub can take advantage of the Wedge and APECon’s capabilities, such as a running the TAC-ROVER without a device battery. With certain EUDs, like the Getac MX50, you can also run the Assaulter 2-Port Hub in “System Battery Eliminator Mode”, meaning you don’t need a system battery.




  • AN/PRC-117G
  • AN/PRC-152/152A
  • AN/PRC-154 Rifleman
  • RT-1922
  • RF-7800S-TR
  • WaveRelay MPU4
  • Scan Eagle Freewave
  • AeroVironment UAS Datalink
  • Custom Options Available

Video Downlink Devices
  • Tactical Rover
  • MVR-IV
  • RF-7800T



System Power

  • 12-35 VDC
  • AC Adapter Cable

Battery Options
  • LI-80/LI-145
  • Palladium Conformal WB
  • BA-5590/2590
  • BB-2590 Charger




  • -22 to 131˚F [-30 to +55˚C]
  • -40 to 167˚F [-40 to +75˚C]
  • 48-Inch, MIL-STD-810G Table 516.6-VI
  • Low Temperature – Storage, High Temperature, Immersion, Altitude, Drop Shock, Vibration, Dust, Sand
  • RE102, CE102, CS101, CS114, CS115, CS116, RS103