WC-0562-00  ::  USB-C End User Device (EUD) Cable

The USB-C End User Device (EUD) Cable connects an EUD in a KÄGWERKS case to BDATech Warrior Hubs or any Nett Warrior host/EUD port. The USB-C EUD Cable provides both power and data to EUDs and allows Operators to recharge the EUD from a central system battery.


* Please contact BDATech for custom cable lengths or cable length recommendations to meet your mission needs.

WC-0562-00 :: USB-C End User Device (EUD) Cable

    • Connect USB-C equipped EUDs to BDATech Warrior Hubs
    • Integrate with EUD’s in a KÄGWERKS USB-C case
    • Recharge EUD’s from a central system battery
    • Provides a power and data interface
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