Control Your Radios

The BDATech Universal Keypad Display Unit (KDU) allows you to view, control, and manipulate your PRC-117G, PRC-148/JEM, and PRC-152/A radios from your EUD (Windows/Android) using one application. No additional training is required as the KDU interface mimics the actual radio. Additionally, BDATech’s Universal KDU allows you greater freedom with the PRC-148 JEM by allowing you to change frequencies, modulation, digital, and crypto settings from the KDU interface without going through the menu.




Key Features

  • Control tactical radios remotely on your phone or tablet.
  • Works on any Android device
  • One application allows access to multiple simultaneous radios
  • Reduce weight and save battery life (eliminate physical KDU)
  • Integrates with PRC-117G, PRC-148, PRC-152/152A
  • Control the PRC-117G
  • Control the PRC-152/A
  • Control the PRC-148/JEM
  • Special PRC-148 JEM controls offer programming shortcuts
  • Control all types of radios on a single application
  • Export Classification: ECCN 3D611.x


Supported OS

  • Android [4.4 and Higher]
  • Use of software KDU requires cable connection from radio to phone or tablet device.


Contact your BDAT sales representative for more information.


Supported Radios

  • PRC-117G
  • PRC-152
  • PRC-148