Control Your Radios

The Universal Radio KDU gives you easy access to the two Radio KDUs and makes configuration of radio information seamless. The new Universal KDU has the same look and feel of radios the operator is wearing, thus the learning curve to configure the radio is nonexistent for those who are already proficient with their radio.




Key Features

  • Control tactical radios remotely on your phone or tablet.
  • Works on any Android device
  • One application allows access to multiple simultaneous radios
  • Reduce weight and save battery life (eliminate physical KDU)
  • Integrates with PRC-117G, PRC-148, PRC-152/152A


Supported OS

  • Android [X.X and Higher]

* Use of soware KDU requires cable connection from radio to phone or tablet device.
Contact your BDAT sales representative for more information.


Supported Radios

  • PRC-117G
  • PRC-152
  • PRC-148