FAC-Utility® allows the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) to decisively deliver fires to the battlefield from virtually any asset available. Whether it’s an A-10 lining up for a gun run, an AC-130 in orbit ready to engage enemies in Danger Close range of friendlies, a Howitzer miles away ready to lay rounds down on a surface to air threat, or even a Ticonderoga Class Cruiser off the coast ready to engage hardened targets during an amphibious assault. FAC-Utility® facilitates the JTAC in any situation they might find themselves in, from Counter Insurgency Operations in a small village in Afghanistan or future Major Combat Operations (MCO) against near peers in a chaotic battlefield packed with air threats in a denied environment.

FAC-Utility® is designed from the ground up by JTACs for JTACs to assist both conventional and special operations Operators conduct Close Air Support (CAS) and other mission sets with little or no training on the software. Using the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) principles that make smart phone applications and video games user friendly and intuitive, we were able to study and analyze JTAC behavior to increase the system’s effectiveness. This approach ensured thatFAC-Utility® would make Digitally Aided CAS (DACAS) simple enough to be used in combat while allowing JTACs to take advantage of Variable Message Format (VMF) and Situation Awareness Datalink (SADL).FAC-Utility® integrates a variety of Video Downlink (VDL) devices, LASER Range Finders (LRFs), Designators (LTDs), and Radios to ensure that everything a JTAC needs to be successful is at their fingertips.

Bottom line, Black Diamond understands what the JTAC needs and what they encounter. This system is designed so that an exhausted, injured, and task saturated JTAC can operate it with ease, making it an essential tool that gives the JTAC and their team the edge they need to achieve mission success and come home alive.





  • DACAS without an IT Degree!!!
  • Easily send and receive a variety of messages from 9-line to friendly points
  • Supports current fielded versions of VMF platforms and future platforms like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • Integrates SADL allowing JTACs to choose which data link they want to use



Integration of VDL, LASERS & Radios

  • Incorporates Tac-ROVER, MVR-IV, MVR-VI, ISR video player to display real-time Full Motion Video
  • Automatic recognition of LTD/LRFs allow for easy “plug & play” integration of supported devices
  • PRC-117G, PRC-148 and PRC-152 integration in to remote KDU for seamless configuration



Situational Awareness

One of the defining characteristics of a JTAC, that makes them a critical asset on the battlefield, is the ability to maintain Situational Awareness (SA). This ability allows a JTAC to maintain positive SA of his friendly forces, rack and stack aircraft and deliver precision strikes while on the move and under fire. FAC-Utility™ amplifies the JTAC’s SA capability.





FAC-US™ currently uses Falconview as its mapping engine. This provides three critical benefits that facilitate learning and highlights the flexibility of the software. Operators are already familiar and proficient with Falconview, eliminating time needed to train them on a new mapping platform. Secondly, Falconview maps are the most disseminated, making acquisition of map data very easy. Finally, using a Falconview base allows the Operator to take advantage of other Falconview Plugins and the full suite of Falconview tools already available. The modern Operator has a variety of mission sets and can easily switch from FAC-Utility™ to plug-ins in order to conduct non-fires mission and then switch back in to FAC-Utility™. The transition is seamless and reduces the need for extra equipment associated with a wide variety of mission sets.


FAC-Message Emulator®

Through the development process of the FAC-US™, BDAT needed to develop a way to test the software incrementally without having ready access to aircraft for communications. This was accomplished with FAC-Message Emulator®. This software allows for the set up of two FAC-US™ systems allowing them to communicate using VMF and the tactical radios that dismounted Operators typically use. One Black Diamond kit runs FAC-Utility® (i.e. JTAC) and the second kit runs FAC-Message Emulator® (i.e. the Aircraft).

Maximize the use of live aircraft by presenting more accurate CAS scenarios, providing a significant return on investment.


TIC Button™

BDAT’s TIC Button™ feature  allows the Warfighter to quickly action targets. The end state of FAC-Utility® is to put bombs on target; the TIC Button™ feature gets you there within three actions:

1) Enable the TIC Button™ feature
2) Select a target or shoot your PLRF
3) Select your nearest friendly with the press of a button

You are now ready to transmit this data digitally or read off a complete 9-Line in 10 seconds or less!