BDATech designs, engineers and manufactures fully rugged, customizable computer systems, specifically designed to withstand the harshest elements and environments.

BDATech’s engineering team collectively possesses decades of experience in the aerospace, military, electronics, and defense industries, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each product developed.

BDATech primarily serves specialized military operations, but its products and technology are also compatible with commercial markets, including biometrics, test and measurement, oil and gas exploration, deep sea exploration and other rugged industries.




BDATech’s mechanical engineers are experts in packaging electronics to survive the harsh environments typically faced by the modern warfighter. Our mechanical team excels at designing systems and devices that meet or exceed MIL-STD-810 requirements for vibration, shock, operating temperature, water ingress and more. 





BDAtech offers full-spectrum electronics design services. Our team of electrical engineers and printed circuit board (PCB) computer-aided design (CAD) resources have extensive experience in board-level to system-level electronics design, fabrication and integration experience for power, analog and high-speed digital technologies.





Our software team has decades of industry experience in developing both embedded and application level software. We specialize in writing code to operate efficiently on mobile platforms, to get the job done using the minimum amount of system resources.



Service Capabilities

Black Diamond Advanced Technology provides custom engineering services to government and commercial customers for systems engineering, product development, design validation and other specialized engineering tasks.

BDATech cross-functional teams comprised of systems, mechanical, electrical and software engineering experts allow low-risk, rapid design and prototyping services to fulfill many development needs from turnkey component fabrication to system integration to field / flight testing of rugged electromechanical assemblies and HW / SW systems.

Cost-based or Firm-Fixed-Price contracting options available. Contact us for more details.


Mechanical Engineering

Having designed several generations of soldier borne equipment, the BDATech mechanical team continually designs with a focus on human factors to optimize usability and customer satisfaction.  In addition to rugged computers and displays, Black Diamond engineers also have extensive experience designing rugged cable assemblies, radio and power management peripherals and even fabric products to support the wearable systems used by the warfighter today.



Electrical Engineering

Our team is highly skilled in firmware development for FPGA and microcontroller-based designs. BDATech’s design archives of multiple ARM and x86 architectures are often leveraged when developing custom electronics to reduce the customer’s development cost, schedule and risk. Coupled with our local rapid prototyping partners, Black Diamond Advanced Technology is a full turnkey electronics OEM provider. Past successes have demonstrated complete design, fabrication, validation and delivery of custom electronics to our customers in as little as six weeks.




Custom Software  Development

Our software team has decades of industry experience in developing both embedded and application level software. We specialize in writing code to operate efficiently on mobile platforms to get the job done using the minimum amount of system resources. 



The Human Factor

Human factors are a foremost consideration in any Black Diamond software development effort. With most of its recent experience coming in the military trade space, our software engineers are well trained with commonly used military communications protocols such as VMF, SADL and CoT. Having written several applications to interface with commonly used military devices, our engineers are also well versed in the operation of military peripherals such as radios (PRC-152/A, PRC-117G, PRC-117F, PRC-148, MicroLight, Wave Relay, Freewave), video data links (TACROVER, MVR-IV/VI, 7800T) , PLRFs, etc.




Languages  //  Platforms

In the embedded realm, BDATech has software expertise ranging from writing code for small PIC devices to running custom Linux kernels on more capable embedded processors. BDATech also has in-house expertise using hardware description languages to write code for FPGAs. Our software engineers are able to rapidly prototype solutions and bring refined robust solutions to market with a minimum amount of time.

C#, C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, VHDL

Windows, Android, Linux



Professional Training Services

Black Diamond Advanced Technology is proud to offer a full line of premier standard and custom training services from the top instructors in the industry.


Full Mission Profile Training

  • Multiple Training Sites
  • Fully Customizable & Scaleable


Digitally Aided CAS

  • Tactics Techniques and Procedure Development
  • FAC-US Application
  • Tactical and Operational Level Implementation
  • C2 and Team Leader Application



  • Tactical Data Network Creation and Application
  • HF //  UHF // VHF Radio and Antenna Theory
  • Wearable Computer Use and Application


Contract CAS

  • Night, Live, Laser
  • Digitally Aided CAS Execution
  • Full Mission Profile Integration
  • Manned ISR
  • SI Integration