Only The BARE Essentials

The new BARE Kit System enables direct connectivity of tactical data radios  to commercial tablets, phones, and computers. Command and control from a single solution means enhanced situational awareness.





One System, Many Missions

The new BARE Kit System can be for many missions. From a dismounted soldier using the kit for Situational Awareness (SA), to a search and rescue crew using it for SA and Video Downlink during a disaster, the BARE Kit System does it all.





Cable Length

  • 12.30 inch  //  31.24 cm



  • 3.2 oz  //  90.72 g





  • Operating Temp  ::  -40 to 140˚F [-40 to +60˚C]
  • Storage Temp  ::  -40 to 167˚F [-40 to +75˚C]
  • Sealing  ::  IP-67
  • Rugged  ::  MIL-STD-810G
  • EMI  ::  MIL-STD-461F